Flickr/Week(r) | Broken*

Flickr/Week(r) è la nostra rubrica settimanale di fotografia.
Ogni sabato (o domenica) scegliamo un tema e a partire da quello selezioniamo tra le foto del nostro gruppo Flickr per costruire una galleria di immagini legate da un filo rosso che può essere estetico, concettuale o narrativo.

*shattered, burst, fragmented, splintered, shivered, crushed, snapped, rent, torn, ruptured, separated, severed, in bits, in pieces, wrecked, demolished, disintegrated, split, chipped, damaged, injured, maimed, crippled, lame, faulty, defective, malfunctioning, in disrepair, inoperative, out of commission, out of order, pierced, punctured, perforated, ruptured, ended, violated, infringed, disregarded, ignored, contravened, beaten, vanquished, overpowered, overwhelmed, subdued, dispirited, discouraged, dejected, humbled, dishonoured, disturbed, fitful, disrupted, disconnected, discontinuous, fragmentary, intermittent, unsettled, sporadic, spasmodic, erratic, troubled, incomplete, rough, irregular, bumpy

Paulychinel broken
Jordane Prestrot broken
Jordane Prestrot
Dimitri Guedes broken
Dimitri Guedes
Fredrik L broken
Fredrik L.
Chiara Baragatti broken
Chiara Baragatti
Erika Pellicci broken
Erika Pellicci
juliusfrumble broken
michel nguie broken
michel nguie
Nikos Mitrakas broken
Nikos Mitrakas
Thomas Giortz broken
Thomas Giörtz
Yuro De Iuliis broken
Yuro De Iuliis
paolo meloni broken
paolo meloni
Jeanluc Ringler broken
Jeanluc Ringler
Roy broken
Chris Ngbrx
Jessica Raimondi broken
Jessica Raimondi
Darko Milosevic broken
Darko Milosevic
R broken
Jerome Cortes broken
Jerome Cortès
Eren broken
rejoyceme broken
PS Liao broken
PS Liao
Nico Ferrara broken
Nico Ferrara
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