Sunday Morning

FUCKED UP / Queen of hearts

YUKO / When you go blind

GROUPER / I saw a ray

CRYSTAL ANTLERS / Summer solstice

PANDA BEAR / Surfer’s hymn

STARS / We don’t want your body

SEAPONY / Where we go

COOL FUN / House

COMPUTER MAGIC / The end of time

CIRKUS / Unattended bag

MAYAVANYA & MAGIK JOHNSON / Don’t need no one [Feat. Silva MC & Tek]

JONTI / Firework spraying moon

KI:THEORY / Holiday heart

EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY / Last known surroundings

EVELYN EVELYN / Sandy fishnets

BON IVER / Calgary

OWL VISION / Deathstar

CURRY & COCO / Top of the pop

YUCK / Shook down

Altre storie
The Stroke: un’improvvisazione jazz su un corto d’animazione disegnato a mano dal calligrafo Vincent de Boer